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Your strong and reliable partner backed by 500+ retail investors, propelling Web3 projects to galactic success.

From financing to marketing and consulting, we're your all-in-one Web3 ally!

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Who We Are: Backed by a Robust DACH Retail Investor Club

CryptoSpaceFleet is more than just a specialized advertising agency. We bring a keen focus on the Web3 sector, financial services, and products. Our unique edge? The strong purchasing power and backing of our NFT-based investment club, comprised of retail investors from the DACH region. This powerful synergy allows CryptoSpaceFleet to offer an unparalleled all-in-one solution for your marketing and financial needs.

Our Financially Empowered Origin Story

Our journey is deeply rooted in financial prowess. Originating from a prominent investment club in the DACH region, we raised over 1 million euros and strategically invested this capital into various launchpads. Recognizing the financial volatility of market conditions, CryptoSpaceFleet took a calculated step to diversify. We established this advertising agency with a unique financial model that directly involves NFT holders in the revenue generated, creating a win-win ecosystem for all involved.

Meet the CryptoSpaceFleet core team and division managers:
A Blend of Expertise and Experience.

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The fleet is composed as follows: 30 captains, 32 officers, 292 crew members and 195 passengers.

30 Captains
Gift multiplier: 20x
Additional gifts: 100%
 • Additional gifts: 100%
 • Access to VIP events
 • Voting rights

Initial price per captain:
10k-20k €

32 Officers
Gift multiplier: 10x
Additional gifts: 50%
 • Access to VIP group

Initial price per Officer:
5k-10k €

292 Crew Members
Gift multiplier: 2x
Additional gifts: 20%

Initial price per Crew Member:
1k-2k €

195 Passengers
Gift multiplier: 1x
Additional gifts: 10%

Initial price per Passenger:
0.5k-1k €

If you want to join the journey afterwards, you can find what you are looking for in the secondary market on OpenSea.


CryptoSpaceFleet isn't just a brand; it's a movement.

Backed by over 500 DACH-based retail investors and a seed sale that raised over €1 million, we're more than equipped to secure top-tier opportunities for our community.

Our members benefit from exclusive airdrops, collaborations, and investment opportunities. Plus, we're committed to free knowledge sharing and driving crypto and blockchain into the mainstream.

Governed by German law and part of Daubit Programming Service GmbH, a trusted name in app development for DAX-listed companies, we offer unparalleled security standards.

Your Blockchain Project Deserves the Spotlight

Don't let your innovative project go unnoticed. At CryptoSpaceFleet, we offer more than just marketing; we offer a launchpad to stardom. From media articles to investor relations, trade show appearances, speaker slots and connections to decision makers we specialize in making your projects shine.

Work with us to get in use of the largest crypto influencer network in the DACH region. CryptoSpaceFleet specializes in building robust, long-lasting communities that not only engage but also convert. Our track record? A €7 million market cap and one of the strongest DACH-communities in just a few weeks.

Check out our PitchDeck for a full suite of customizable services and prices.

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Reach out to us on Telegram or email for personalized solutions.

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Web 3 Consulting
Your Smooth Sail from Web2 to Web3

Transitioning to Web3 is more than a tech shift; it's a strategic evolution. At CryptoSpaceFleet, we offer comprehensive Web3 consulting that goes beyond mere advice. Our expertise spans from Web3-focused marketing and PR to ensure your transition effectively communicates with your target audience, generating both excitement and engagement.

We also provide technology support, guiding you to the right platforms and tools that make your Web3 transition smooth and cost-effective. Our strategic alignment services seamlessly integrate your existing Web2 business with the boundless opportunities in Web3, leveraging your current strengths for maximum impact.

For a Web3 strategy that's as robust as it is innovative, contact us directly via Telegram or email.


Local Success, Global Impact: Our Milestones Speak Volumes

From raising $1 million through NFT sales to hosting the prestigious CARDANO SUMMIT 2022 in Germany, our achievements are a testament to our capabilities.

We are proud partners of industry-leading initiatives like BLOCKCHANCE 23 and other great trade fairs.

To be part of our next milestone, reach out via Telegram or email.


More Than Consulting: Your Strategic Web3 Ally in the DACH Region

CryptoSpaceFleet is not just another consulting or marketing firm. We are your strategic ally in the Web3 universe, backed by over 500 retail investors from the DACH region and governed by German security standards. We are part of Daubit Programmierung Service GmbH.

For a strategic partnership, contact us directly via Telegram or email.


Our CryptoSpaceFleet developers are skilled and experienced.

Our team also includes programmers who are proficient in both front-end and back-end programming. We also have a team that specializes in app development, which we have done for many DAX companies and crypto projects.
Our team also includes smart contract and blockchain programmers who have already won hackathon awards.

KardiaChain Pioneer Narrower election

HackWasm Medellin Special election

RustFi Hackathon
3rd place

An overview of our projects can be found on our project page:


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many members does CryptoSpaceFleet have?

Currently over 500. We are also backed by a community of more than 60,000 people who follow our steps in Crypto Space.

How is CryptoSpaceFleet financed in the long term?

On the one hand, we have a reserve of tokens that we increase through targeted investments, and on the other hand, we enter into paid partnerships with projects to generate profits for our investors.

What network are the CryptoSpaceFleet NFTs running on?

The NFTs are on the Polygon Chain.

How can I get involved in CryptoSpaceFleet now?

The seed sale is already over. Therefore, you can only join using the secondary market.

What is the best way to reach the team behind CryptoSpaceFleet?


Is the CryptoSpaceFleet secure?

CryptoSpaceFleet was founded by Roman Engel. He has been active in Crypto-Space since 2009.
CryptoSpaceFleet is part of Daubit Programmierung Service GmbH, an app programming company whose customers have included DAX-listed companies since 2008. Due to the fact that Daubit adheres to German laws, the project is secure.

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